The company was born in 1977, when it was maybe easier creating business. The ideas were clear right from the beginning: to be present, grow up and stay in its own territory, despite the lack of transports and suppliers, but always with the idea of a continuous research to improve production and quantities.
At the beginning Gimar’s market moved around Milano and covered heels and soles production for clobbers and shoemakers. These items were decisively few profitable, but they made Gimar s.r.l. very proud. The residents of Pianello were nicknamed “BIASA CIAVAT”, in other words “Slippers eaters” who represented a very important number of shoemakers, now “extinct”.
In addition to these items, great quantites of wheels were produced for hotel and hospital sectors.
Since 1983, in order to face the needs of raw materials, the company provided itself to the production of rubber compound for a small period. Thank to this experience that allowed the increase of technical knowledge, Gimar can best satisfy every requests today, offering itself as a strong, wise and always developing company.

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