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company policyOur "business mission" is to produce quality rubber parts with the aim of best meeting the demands of our customers.
Our aim is to preserve and improve our position on the market and therefore, we see quality as an efficient business management instrument, able to give our products/services and our organization the ability to meet the needs of Customers.
Our efforts are aimed at getting the best product/service in terms of quality and reliability over time and to ensure effective and efficient technical solutions to the Customer.
In order to achieve these results, the actions and objectives that we want to follow through the implementation of our Quality System are:

  • Pursuing Customer satisfaction and getting the increase: through an always careful analysis and understanding of the expectations and needs of the Customer suppling products and services that meet all contractual requirements (delivery times, features, etc.), through effective clarity and contractual ability, in addition to the timely handling of complaints and the periodic request to the customer, feedback on GIMAR's products and services;
  • Respecting the obligations and requirements present in the laws and regulations applicable to the company;
  • Improving technologies and resources available over time, with a time, quality and controls optimisation perspective and reducing and/or re-using production wastes to ensure more environmental sustainability;
  • Creating a Quality System to ensure compliance with taken commitments to optimize business management;
  • Working hard to continuously improve the System management, its processes and its performances, prioritising prevention activities defined as a result of the Risk and Opportunity Assessment and monitoring indicator data periodically, implementing appropriate improvement actions.
  • Constant improvement of the products and services provided through effective process control;
  • Ensuring expertise of our supplier, through a constant Quality and Control system, and considering them as Company partner.

GIMAR: experience and reliability!
Leader in rubber and silicone production for over 40 years

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The production mainly covers the heating sector with flat and plan shaped seals used for assemblies and combinations of different parts, thread carriers and fairleads to hold boiler’s combustion chamber, protection roses and gaskets for heating boiler, safety valves, hydraulic oil-water exchangers, fluid carries valves, seals produced with different polymers and diameters for pipes connections, condensation and smokes pipes, fans, etc.
Our products also work for food, hydraulic, electrical, zootechnical, automotive and industrial sectors. Our factories are placed in Pianello Val Tidone and cover a 3.000 mq areas.


The company was born in 1977, when it was maybe easier creating business. The ideas were clear right from the beginning: to be present, grow up and stay in its own territory, despite the lack of transports and suppliers, but always with the idea of a continuous research to improve production and quantities.
At the beginning Gimar’s market moved around Milano and covered heels and soles production for clobbers and shoemakers. These items were decisively few profitable, but they made Gimar s.r.l. very proud. The residents of Pianello were nicknamed “BIASA CIAVAT”, in other words “Slippers eaters” who represented a very important number of shoemakers, now “extinct”.
In addition to these items, great quantites of wheels were produced for hotel and hospital sectors.
Since 1983, in order to face the needs of raw materials, the company provided itself to the production of rubber compound for a small period. Thank to this experience that allowed the increase of technical knowledge, Gimar can best satisfy every requests today, offering itself as a strong, wise and always developing company.

- production of rubber and silicone parts
- flat and shaped seals
- thread carriers and fairleads to hold boiler’s combustion chamber
- protection roses
- gaskets for heating boiler
- safety valves and hydraulic oil-water exchangers
- fluid carries valves
- seals produced with different polymers and diameters for pipes connections, condensation and smokes pipes, fans, etc.

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The recognition obtained by Gimar for the Quality Management System is an indication of an organization, which has business skills and it is able to optimize its processes, equipping itself with efficient management, with appropriate skills and tools. Certification is synonymous of transparency and constant search for quality.
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prospettiveMarkets (in Italy and abroad) have changed: they have expanded and customers have become more demanding on the economic and quality aspects.
These two influences have increased Gimar to a continuous growth with development and innovation, fixing ever greater goals and pursuing them.

flex riciclo 1We strongly believe in the potential of renewable and eco-friendly energies, such as the recent 95 KW photovoltaic installation, which makes the factory partially indipendent for electricity needs.
More investments are expected to increase the electricity autonomy in the coming years.
The importance of reclycling materials is implemented in the packaging phase, trying to recover best the wrappers and packaging.

GIMAR s.r.l.

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Via Primo Maggio, 11
29010 Pianello Val Tidone (PC)
Tel. 0523 998958

Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA 00957000334
Iscr.n.117464 r.e.a. di pc
Cap.Soc. 52.000,00 euro i.v.

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