GIMAR S.r.l. why choosing our company:
  • Because our company has been operative since 1977.
  • Because we are flexible and proactive.
  • Because we boast a diversified production in terms of moulding characteristics of the components, from small 60-ton presses for single-cast moulds, up to 400-ton injection presses for large series, featuring innovative injection systems.
  • Because we can transform any type of polymer according to the resistance characteristics of the requested components in NBR - SBR – natural rubber – EPDM against sulphur and in particular peroxides, in terms of resistance against heat and acids – silicone – viton and mixes suitable to be in contact with foods – potable water and gas.
  • Because we are specialized in the heating sector, and we collaborate with clients who are leaders in the sector for the production of smoke kits and boiler manufacturers.
  • Because, in addition to this main sector, we also operate in the transport of fluids, zootechnic, dental, agricultural, light handling sectors, with the production of highly heat resistant food transport wheels.
  • Because we produce mass production products with low technical profile, using thermoplastic polymers.
  • Because we work with reliable and timely suppliers that satisfy our requests with extremely fast turnaround times, allowing us to quickly take measures to solve any post-sale inconvenience.
  • Because we have always believed in our work as entrepreneurs, re-investing in equipment and also quality, soundness and privacy, characteristics that allowed us to constantly grow and be appreciated by our current clients.
  • Because we use homologated silicone, viton and EPDM mixes in the heating sector, according to EN14241-1 standards.


The outside of the company at night.


The outside of the company during the day.


The outside of the company in aerial photo.

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GIMAR S.r.l.
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